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Tactics To Deal With Bullying
How to deal: Parents with Bully Children
to the persons. 
The first and the most important step is that parents learn to close with the child and talk to him, as also to relate with friends’ child and observe the activities that they realize to check in which social ambient is growing the child. The 2nd step is that once those parents create a communication andconfidence area with the child; ask the reason of his conduct (being positive or being negative). Then, if you prove that the child is a bully, do not ignore the situation because it will aggravate more; calmly look the ways to help him to get out of bullying. Never use violence to repair the problem nor guilt other people for the bad conduct of the child because as the saying goes “Violencegenerates violence, where is the solution?”. Always show love to the child, but also parents have to making know that aggressive attitudes will not be permitted. Later in the 3rd step, parents must talk with teachers of school, ask them for help and listen all judgments that they give about the child and be informing of the way that school is treating the case. Through the communication with thechild, parents can know his interests (likings and dislikes) by creating an area in the house where the boy can feel a place where he can express his frustration without the use of violence and teaching them good modals. Finally, the 4th step is to teach children to recognize their errors and ask apology to other people.
*Recent statistics show that 1 out of 5 students admits being a bully or doingsome bullying in the U.S. (BullyHelp.org)
How to deal: Parents with Bullied Childrens
The family is the source that the love and education of the kids, with this the kid learn how to socialize based in the values that the learn it at home, also to be inform constantly, to aboid the bullying problems with the persons. 
The 1st step that parents must do is to talk with the boy and make him feelthat he can trust in the mother/father so, in that way, she/he can feel comfortable talking with the mother/father of all the good and the bad that the child is living. Talk about the topic and listen to the child and let off steam. If you, effectively, prove that the child is being bullied, stay calm and do not show worried, the child has to see in the parent’s face determination and positivism.“It could say that victims of bullying are not guilty of the situation, but most of the time they suffer of lack of social and psychological abilities those avoid defending themselves; this attitude can cause negative and aggressive reactions by bullies” (Gonzalez). Then the 2nd step is that parents compromises with the child to help him and let him know that he is not guilty of that situation so donot try to solve the problem telling to the boy that defense himself and take revenge, this will worse the situation as also to discuss together how to respond assertively to the bullies and practice answers with the child.

In addition of the bullying situation, the 3rd step is to contact the teacher of the child and with the principal of the school to update them with the situation that thechild is living and ask them cooperation in order to solve this situation of bullying. In case that school bullying continues, parents have to consult to a lawyer.
Finally in the 4th step, is that if the child is emotionally damaged for this situation, look for the support of a psychologist to help the child to overcome this trauma, but the best help, in these cases, is the one that the familygives to the kid.
In recent statistics, the U.S. is shown as the first country in which most students of the world suffer of bullying and only 77% of the students revealed they had been bullied in school from elementary to high school (BullyHelp.org)
In conclusion, it can say that there are ways to help our children who suffer from any type of bullying, teach them how to skip or being...
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