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Calcium is essential for growth and development of bones and body.
Deficiency of calcium can lead you to have:
Osteoporosis, which is that your bones get really thin and porous and they canbreak easily.
To help you prevent this kind of sickness/ disease is either eating things with calcium or eating and drinking Vitamin D.
Strong bones are result of what we eat what weexercise from our childhood until our late life, that’s why it is so important to eat healthy and do a lot of exercise since we are little children.
A way of keeping your bones healthy is by:Eating fewer amounts of proteins
Proteins make the body acid and drain it of calcium and cause the weakness of the bones.
Another way to keep you healthy is by: Not Smoking
A smoker has a lotmore probability of having osteoporosis than a non-smoker.
Other ways for prevention of Osteoporosis are:
Not using a large amount of salt, this will speed up the body’s loss of calcium.Be active, bones get stronger when you use them. Some sports you can do to help are: walking, running, dancing, golf, and tennis.
Drink sensibly, It is not recommended to drink alcohol, tea,coffee, soda. Because it absorbs the calcium your body is producing for your bones. Also drinking Gatorade is not any healthy because it has a lot of sodium which is salt and it absorbs calciumalso.
The best way you can keep you body and bones healthy is by having a diet, doing exercise at least 30 minutes 3 times a week, drink consciously, Not smoking, having a weight discipline.Sources-
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