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  • Publicado : 10 de octubre de 2010
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Andrés Delgado


In which of the Independence stages de you consider a real ideology existed?

2o Stage (Organization)


-Morelos was one of the greatestrevolutionary military commanders of the war

-Called the “Southern Thunderbolt”

-Talented strategist

-His campaigns

- Victories (he won 22 victories)


-Morelos was able to capturemost of the Spanish possessions on the Pacific Coast

-He occupied Chilpancingo

-Cuautla siege (56 days)

-His victories were at:

*Citlala on June 8, 1812 *Orizaba,1812

*Tehuacan on August 10, 1812 *Oaxaca, 1812, *Acapulco, 1813


The most important things of Morelos campaigns are his victories, his strategies, hewas able to capture most of the Spanish possessions on the Pacific Coast because he was one of the best revolutionary military commanders of the war


Jose Maria Morelos was a MexicanRoman Catholic priest and revolutionary rebel who led the Mexican War of Independence movement, assuming his leadership after the execution of Miguel Hidalgo.

Morelos soon showed himself to be atalented strategist, and became one of the best revolutionaries of the war.


In his first campaign, he won 22 victories, annihilating the armies of three Spanish royalist leaders anddominating almost all of what is now the state of Guerrero.

I consider that Morelos was a talented man and he had many victories. In December he captured Acapulco for the first time.
On May 24,1811 he occupied Chilpancingo and on May 26 he took Tixtla.

In his second campaign, Morelos divided his army into three groups but the most important engagement of this campaign I consider that wasat Cuautla because in these place where his forces were surrounded by the Spanish army under general Felix General Calleja.

On May 2, 1812, after 58 days, Morelos broke through the siege, and...
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