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  • Publicado : 29 de junio de 2010
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Unfortunately, the evils of censorship are alive in today’s world. However, today’s society, the society posses something valuable—freedom speech, a behavior censorship refuses to accept. Even the first amendment In the United States constitutions protects its right. However, this right has its limitation and surpassing them has severe consequences. Since early times, theconsequences were worse. “Ruining a man in his business was one of them,” said Mark Twain (1). For instance, in the present times one has the opportunity to defend himself in court. This reflects the consequences when censorship is put in practice. “Freedom speech is granted in form but forbidden in fact.”(1). Meaning that using it has its consequences. One of the most common places wherecensorship attacks is the news media. As long as the opposite identity disagrees with what it is being said, there will probably be censorship. It can be from a moral objection to a political one. There are three particular areas where we see this happening: the government (holding back information), the news college media (limiting what students can write and film about, and in the work place(not permitting communication in employees native language.
The government is and organization chosen by the people not to suppress and lie, but to exercise “control and administer public policy” (1). Nevertheless, the history proves the opposite. We all know the government has held us crucial information about outstanding events (in actuality this still occurs). For instance, the case ofJohn F. Kennedy’s assassination was a government cover up. I believe that not making this public means censoring critical information. It is relevant to mention that some countries have implemented aggressive measures risking people’s rights. For example, a few years ago, Hugo Chavez--the president of Venezuela–forced RCTV off the air “requiring them to televise some of Mr. Chavez speeches.”(1). The reason for these for these drastic measures was because Chavez believed the programming defied the new government regulations. RCTV implored Chavez to consider his position because the new media channel was being shut down for absurd political reasons. Furthermore, this decision violates freedom of speech rights. When censorship plays its role, it disrupts the human’s constitutionalrights.
As a student, I feel proud of myself for being able to express myself, unlike others. However, others have not. Ironically, the news media is one of the targets that is the most censored. Even in a more narrow scale, colleges have encountered some major legal disputes for supposedly surpassing the limits. From overall examples to personal ones, the college media has had to avoidthis. At least they are protected by the law. Otherwise, students might end up eventually reading cartoons instead of real news, unless someone objects about this, too. The Student Press Law Center (SPLC), a legal non-profit agency, released on February 2010 the following case: “The Koala, a humor magazine, broadcast the program on SRTV,” which led to the freeze funding from the Associated Studentof University of California San Diego (ASCSD). Gregorian, the Editor-in-chief of this magazine, “used racial slur during a program that featured discussion of recent off campus racial stereotype party called the Compton Cookout.” (cite). Subsequently, many other students’ media organizations will suffer as well. Even some students from other student media organization agreed that their “freedomof Speech is being infringed.” Not being able to continue expressing ones ideas means being censored, and that what ASCSD is doing. Including, Saddleback College student’s film had a debate with the trustees, which concluded on January 25. The board of trustees tried to decrease the student’s film actual films from PG-13 to PG standard rate. The main reason is, according to Padberg, the...
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