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Charles Manson was born on 12/11/1934 in Cincinnati. His childhood was difficult, since he was 9 years in various reformatories and prisons. Definitely came out of jail after 32 years.

While inprison he learned to play guitar because he wanted to be a rock star. In prison he met other famous prisoners, which put him in contact with major producers and musicians for their musical future.Manson recorded a few albums of folk music, and some groups then covered their tracks, but that's not important. The world remembers Charles Manson because he was a serial murderer.

When Manson wasreleased from prison, he began to catch young people using drugs, and formed his own Family. Charles had all these boys and girls under his control, help of drugs, sex and his influential personality.Charlie was obsessed with the Beatles, and Chapter 9 of Revelation, and believed he was the new Messiah. He was convinced that he could communicate telepathically with the Beatles, and that theBeatles songs were secretly dedicated to him, in asking for help to Manson and his Family to provoke a racial revolution.

These beliefs, mixed with alcohol, drugs, and the sick mind of Charles, tookthe blame for that Manson and his family began the racial revolution named by him as "Helter Skelter"

Manson's first victim was Gary Hinman, a teacher of music that welcomed them at his ranch inexchange for him having one of the girls of the Family. On 27/07/1969, Charles went to Hinman's personal property, to borrow money to finance the Helter Skelter, the teacher refused to lend, and Mansonordered his family to assassinate him. To support the Helter Skelter, Bobby Beausoleil, a member of the Family, painted with the blood of the dead the symbol of the Black Panthers, an African-Americanterrorist group.

The second stop of the Family in his private war was 10050 Cielo Drive house. On 9 August the same year, Sharon Tate, wife of Roman Polanski, a feast with friends, when suddenly...
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