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Cheerleaders is the mix of music, dance and gymnastics to encourage fans to their favorite teams games. The performances of cheerleaders are very common, especially in team sports suchas basketball or football, at halftime or timeouts.

In the United States and Canada, groups of cheerleaders have along tradition, is also considered as another sport, and there areeven competitions to decide the best group.
Each group, composed of men and / or women, has a moment in which names the institution it represents, and encouraging the same group to win. At thismoment, the music stops, and is still doing the choreography, but without music. After that, the music continues with more choreography.
Cheerleading groups, using all thesame clothes: women wear shirtand skirt, and men wear the same shirt with pants. The uniform colors should be bright, they agreed, and the flagship or name of the institution that they represent.
With this sport, sometimes hascompetitions, beginning regionally, then nationally and finally internationally. In Chile,winning a national award, you are immediately qualified for the World Cup, going to the U.S. with allexpenses paid, and competing with the best groups in each country

for me, being cheerleaders, was a very exciting experience, interesting and entertaining. I participated in many competitionsagainst other schools, where many times we got first place and finished with great happiness.
Every competition I had, was a great personal challenge, because if I was wrong, itcould distract other classmates and make a big mistake, for example, lose.

I recommend this sport because it is very entertaining, including perseverance, motivation, enthusiasm andstrength of each person to get out national champions, and later worldwide.
Cheerleading is now an internationally recognized sport, and not only compete, but it primarily to encourage a team from...
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