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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2011
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Bell Canada Enterprises was the largest telecommunications provider in Canada, by having a very long history and experience Bell is an international leader in providing customer needs, developingservices to meet those needs, and technological innovation. The constant and rapid change that the telecommunications industry has faced in the last decade affected seriously to the way Bell was doingbusiness. Because of the fast boost of new technologies and the major increase in competition Bell needed to establish a complete organizational change. 
Starting in 1990 with a big demand for applyingtheir change strategies, the company decided to put changes into action by offering long distance rates, maintain lower costs, be more productive without competition and significantly reduce itsworkforce through a voluntarily retirement incentive plan. These new change strategies were complicated to understand for plenty of the company’s employees. So, in order to properly introduce this newprofit orientation the company was about to take, Fiona Crossling and Joyce Dowdall from Bell’s management of the professional development department. Both of them decided to put together a profitorientation training seminar in order to provide participants with a good knowledge of the company’s financial structure. With group discussions and interactive training methods they encouraged theparticipants to know and be aware of the potential role each of them can make as part of Bell’s financial performance.
It was interesting to see and analyze how this seminar was developed; it proofsexcellent managerial techniques and leadership from Crossling and Dowdall. Beside their focus on the financial structure of the Company I liked how they used strategic management techniques and designed asurvey for the participants that focused on Bell’s mission values. This will definitely provide the employees with knowledge of the company’s future direction. They developed in such an open and...
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