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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2011
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Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Vol. 54, No. 2, February 2009, pp. 580$585

Design Study of a Compact Cyclotron for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
tongE‡on Kim£
Research Institute and Hospital, National Cancer Center, Kyonggi 410-769

ghongEgheoul Yun —nd winE‰oung Youn
National Center for Inter-University Facilities, Seoul National University, Seoul 135-703

ƒonjong Wang
Centerfor Fusion Engineering, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Daejeon 305-353

(Received 16 September 2008) An accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS) utilizing a small cyclotron has been designed. The system has a mass resolving power of over 4000, which is sucient to analyze a few AMS radioisotopes, including 14 C, for tracing or chronometric dating. The cyclotron can provide a high resolvingpower with a large number of turns and a high harmonic operation of the rf system and has the advantage of using both negative and positive ions in the analysis. A high transmission eciency is, in fact, a major goal in the design to compete with a Tandem AMS. A compact magnet with high stability, a sawtooth harmonic buncher and
at-topping rf system are the components adopted to achieve the goal.Also, large turn separations at injection and extraction are required, which can be done with adequate uses of the rst harmonic component of the main magnetic eld. The design of the cyclotron and injection beam line for the AMS has been studied.

PACS numbers: 29.20.Hm, 07.75.+h Keywords: Cyclotron, Accelerator mass spectrometer, Negative ion, Transmission eciency

ƒin™ethe development of the r—dio™—r˜on d—ting method ˜y ernold —nd vi˜˜y ‘I“D the dete™tion te™hnique of 14g h—s —dv—n™ed from ™ounting p—rti™les undergoing — r—dio—™tive de™—y pro™ess to — dire™t ™ounting with —n —™™eler—tor m—ss spe™trometer @ewƒAF „he high sensiE tivity of the ewƒ shortens the ™ounting time from d—ys to tens of minutes ˜y using mu™h sm—ller s—mples ™omE p—red to th—t used in thede™—y 14 ™ounting methodF „he di™ulties of interferen™e with x —nd mole™ules like 13 grD 12 gr h—ving simil—r m—sses h—ve ˜een resolved 2 ˜y using neg—tive ions ‘P“ —nd — g—s stripping st—ge in — „—ndemEele™trost—ti™E—™™eler—torE˜—sed ewƒ system ‘QD R“D respe™tivelyF „he neg—tive ele™tron —nity prohi˜its 14 x g—s from forming neg—tive ions —nd the stripping proE ™ess ˜re—ks mole™ul—r ions of 13gr —nd12gr2 with sm—ll ˜inding energiesF e modern gs sputtering ion sour™e ™—n provide high ™urrents of neg—tive ions ‘S“D ˜ut needs to use solidied t—rgetsD whi™h dem—nds el—˜or—te eorts in gr—phitiz—tion —nd — few d—ys of prep—r—tion for e—™h t—rgetF „he ˜iomedi™—l ewƒ @fewƒA m—y open possi˜ilities
£ E-mail:; Fax: +82-31-920-0149

of widespre—d uses of ewƒ te™hniquesF 14g ™—n˜e used —s — tr—™er in ph—rm—™ologi™—l rese—r™hD D in the —n—lE ysis of the ee™tiveness or the toxi™ity of newly develE oped medi™ines ‘T“F ‡e expe™t in — longer term th—t the ee™tiveness of — medi™ine for e—™h individu—l will ˜e ev—lu—ted with the int—ke of — norm—l ther—peuti™ doseF „he sensitivity required for su™h —n —n—lysis ™—n ˜e lower th—n th—t for ™—r˜on d—ting de—ling with — n—tur—l—˜unE d—n™e levelF sn —dditionD high doses of 14g for fewƒ m—y ex™lude the mixed use of the s—me system tuned for ™—r˜on d—ting so —s to —void possi˜le memory ee™ts in the systemF e ™y™lotron w—s suggested for the ewƒ in the UH9s ‘U“D ˜ut soon the „—ndem using neg—tive ions ˜e™—me domin—nt following the —dvent of ™ommer™i—l produ™tsF „he dis—dv—nt—ge of the l—rge size of the „—ndem led in the VH9s to™onsider—tion of ™omp—™t ™y™lotrons —g—in for the ewƒ —t the v—wren™e ferkeley v—˜or—tory @vfvA ‘V“ —nd in ƒh—ngh—i ‘W“F roweverD these systems suered from ˜e—m inst—˜ility —nd poor tr—nsmission e™ien™yD —lthough the ™—p—˜ility of m—ss sep—r—tion w—s demonE str—ted for —ll developed systemsF „he 14g ™ounting r—te of the vfv ewƒ w—s —˜out HFP ™ountsGmin for — sour™e ™urrent of IH e ‘V“...
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