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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2010
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It´s difficult to find some services that have something special for you, like special food. I love lasagna, Japanese food and salad, but Idon´t know deliver it around my home, so I would like have an established near to me.

When I went to University, was a problem thetransportation because I took 2 buses to arrived Agraria, because Molinero’s bus hadn´t passed near to my home. In this time I got my documents copied atJuanita’s copy, because was reasonable and fast, now I don´t need this service.

When I began to work in BCP gave me the uniform, I had itshorten, because I didn´t have a tailor near, but I didn´t know how do it. I did a bad work, so I took it Mom´s Maria. She´s tailor, she got myuniform shorten again.

Many year ago, I got my photo process by agent Kodak near to my home, but now this story don´t exist. Usually, I don´tuse this service, but now I looking for other job, and I´m going to need 3 photos size passport, so I will to get that processed by agentKoday at Balconcillo.

Sometimes, I have stress for my busy days. Before I went to Sauna in the Gym, but the Gym that I´m going now, don´t haveSauna, so I need any place to relax me like Satory´s Spa. I have heard that it´s professional, but this one it´s too far here.

In Perú isunusual pay for housekeeping but It´s common have a maid in your home. However it´s difficult find someone be honest and stay for a long time.
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