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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2011
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Decisions at a younger age
Some students in high schools think that condoms should be available at school, but how does it really affects this society? well, providing condoms to students opens anew door, new thoughts and it encourages he or she to have sex at an early age. If teenagers believe that he or she will be safe with condoms that could cause them to get sexually transmitteddiseases and if it is not used correctly unwanted pregnancies. If condoms encourages teens to have sex there is a direct correlation increasing STD's risks, not only that it would increase STD's but somestudents are not going to be considering the idea of being abstinence. Abstinence is a good consideration for high school students because he or she is not so responsible making decisions; perhapshe or she is just too young to be worring about condoms and having sex at his or her age.
It is not the high school responsability to distribute condoms because high school is not a plannedparenthood clinic; in addition, high school professors are not physical doctors who can train them about condom usage; more over, high school professors do not know if usage may cause a rash or adversesymptoms; looking at it closely, school is founded by taxes meaning that taxes are paying for condoms; instead, responsibility is property of adolecents.
It is the students responsability to getprotection, if he or she have sex and needs condoms they can get them at a clinic, also condoms are available over the counter. Who will teach the students on how to use a condom? parenthood clinics haveprofessionals who can help explain about proper usage and identify adverse reactions.
Handing out condoms will create more teens to become sexual active; over time he or she is not going to likecondoms and they might want to experience sex without it, at these moment the risk of getting any transmitted sexual disease are higher and unwanted babies are going to be the results in some cases.