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Content words are words that have a meaning. They are words we would look up in a dictionary, such as "lamp," "computer," "drove." New content words are constantly added to theEnglish language; old content words constantly leave the language as they become obsolete. Therefore, we refer to content words as an "open" class.

In linguistics, an open class (or open wordclass) is a word class that accepts the addition of new items, through such processes as compounding, derivation, coining, borrowing, etc.
Interjections are formed as new words standing in for sounds,and are added not only from technical backgrounds, but also from sources such as comics and subtitling. It is in these that one will encounter the noises of motor revving, sirens, mechanical soundsand violence, continuously being updated. Examples here are: vroom! va-va-voom!, zonk!, grrh!, and so on.

Slang is one of the major sources of new open-class words. Slang words appear first in smallsegments of the population, and then spread to the mainstream speaking community and become standard, or fade after a period of being in fashion.
Open-class word - a word to which an independentmeaning can be assigned

In the open class of words (that is, nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs) new words may be added readily (such as slang words, technical terms, and adoptions and adaptations offoreign words).

There is an important difference in pronunciation between content and grammatical words. Content words tend to be stressed and grammatical words are often pronounced in a reducedform or with a schwa sound.

Introduction to Content/

Content Words examples
Nouns John, room, answer, Selby
Adjectives happy, new, large, grey
Full verbs search, grow, hold, haveAdverbs really, completely, very, also, enough
Numerals One, thousand, first
Interjections eh, ugh, phew, well
Yes/No answers yes, no (as answers)

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