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EngageIP Data Sheet
This document outlines the high-level features available in the EngageIP Billing/OSS software platform.

EngageIP – Billing/OSS software | | 519.249.0508

EngageIP Data Sheet

LogiSense Corporation
Fully customizable invoices
Customize font,format, logos Add data field tokens to provide customer usage information Display data via HTML/XML/XSL as required

Synchronized billing per main account
All services synchronized to the bill day of the customer Set one bill day and automatically prorate initial charges

Non-synchronized billing option Ability to provide billing-based time periods
Periods include minute, hourly, daily,monthly or annually Configure inside Service or Package to create flexible timeperiod packages offerings

Configure invoices easily in-house Easily void/reverse invoices Invoice Due Date/Invoice Date customizable options Invoice CLOSE configuration options allow for keeping invoices open all month or multiple invoices per month Invoice delivery as PDF or print

Automated service cancellationfor non-payment
Execute scripts on Business Process Manager or Credit Rating

Automated Credit Card, PAP charging
Charge based on configurable bill run schedules

Automated E-mail delivery processes Organize customers within bill groups
Residential or Commercial Credit Card or PAP

Include Credit Notes on customer invoices Automatically disburse debits or credits – Manually for specificinvoices Prepaid RADIUS billing/usage based on overages
Bill for RADIUS usage, log, report on overages and invoice

Web Portal Customization
Customize web interfaces with EngageIP ‘Live Pages’ Customize reports with CSS and XSL Fully customizable Customer Portal – develop your own pages in-house. Use the included API to customize the portal for your business operations Brand Interfaces onAdministration and Customer Portals

Assign GL Codes for tracking accounting information
Assign to Services or transaction types

Credit Card Processing
Support for 40+ Credit Card processors Dynamically set up multiple processors

Credit Ratings
Create custom credit ratings and assign to Customer accounts Automated dunning rules | | 519.249.0508 EngageIP Data Sheet

LogiSense Corporation
Customer/CSR Account Management
Creation / Suspension of accounts
Change account status for a future date and the system automatically switches the status and prorates

Telecom Rating
Import Telecom usage data
Import multiple CDR formats via one automated import program

Rating of usage data
Automate / manual execution of rating

Scheduling ofSuspension or cancellation
Schedule status changes Create workflows that will invoke status changes and deprovision the customer account from VoIP switches, web servers, etc.

GeoTree interface to add / manage / update Telecom rates Add / Manage unlimited number of rate plans
Create and maintain multiple inbound / outbound rate plans Exception based rating – only rates which are the‘exception’ to main rate plan are entered

Contact Management
Maintain, add, search, export contacts. Allows multiple contact types fully definable Define date requirements at signup

Telecom usage displayed on invoice
Display detailed call records, summary of calls, seconds used, minute buckets used / unused, geographically detail calls, list by national, international

Bulk Emailing for marketing,maintenance notifications
Use any report or list in the system to filter, sort, email, export or print the resulting data set. Format reports with stylesheets

Minute Buckets
Configurable bucket to allow free time related to rate plan

Adding of Packages for billing, provisioning etc purposes
Packages contain unlimited number of services Packages contain ability for price overrides on...
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