Controlador festo profibus

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Axis controllers SPC200

Controlling servopneumatic axes flexibly and dynamically

Info 137

Servopneumatics – at a glance

Servopneumatics: Free advancing to any position with maximum dynamics – can also handle high forces with ease.

Control the entire spectrum …

of servopneumatic …

positioning drives!

Flexible positioning with servopneumatics Ideal wherever • compact andcost-effect solutions are required, • the moved loads exceed 10 kg in weight, • positioning accuracy of a few tenths of a millimetre is sufficient.

Optimised cost-effectiveness Rule of thumb: the overall economy grows with the weight of the loads to be moved at high speed. Full application versatility Thanks to the wide range of drives with integrated or external displacement encoder. As astandardised controller, the SPC200 offers open interfaces to all higher-order controllers!



Info 137 – Subject to change – 2008/04

SPC200: flexibility and maximum dynamism for servopneumatic positioning technology

Variety • Connection of up to 4 axes • For use with pneumatic drive families, with stepper motor axes or a combination of both • As astandalone controller or on a fieldbus Modularity Individual adaptation of the controller to the application including: • Varying number of digital I/Os, analogue inputs • Fieldbus interfaces for Profibus, DeviceNet • Further project-specific fieldbus protocols upon request Flexibility • Record selection – for positioning functions with fixed traversing tasks which can simply be called up via I/Os• ”Program” mode – with up to 100 programs for solving the most complex tasks or calculating and changing positions; I/Os control the process • Quick commissioning using the WINPISA diagnostic and programming tool • The PROFIBUS and DeviceNet fieldbus interfaces facilitate direct reading and writing of the position data. You can calculate, select and archive the position in a PLC and thendownload it directly into the SPC200. For support purposes, a functional module for the Siemens S7 controller family is available Innovation The wide range of positionable servopneumatic drives

2008/04 – Subject to change – Info 137



Servopneumatics with the SPC200 – the advantages at work

Dynamic with high loads In quality assurance, for example:aligning vehicles on a test stand in order to adjust the track width. Servopneumatics with the SPC200 offers advantages where loads of 10 … 300 kg are moved very dynamically. The pneumatics supply the dynamics, while the SPC200 handles the controlled and gentle cushioning of the moving loads – a perfect partnership.

Flexible and economical In packaging, for example: the repacking of parts into alarger box. The size and number of the parts themselves vary from product to product. Servopneumatics is ideal where positioning accuracy of a few tenths of a millimetre is sufficient. Easily handled using the SPC200 and a servopneumatic drive of your choice.

Uniformity in motion In metering, for example: filling cartons with food, such as a fruit yoghurt with a layer of cream on top. Therequirement here is for low and uniform speed, delivered by a precise piston stroke, otherwise the yoghurt will be minus the cream! This is an ideal job for servopneumatics. The SPC200 controls the force easily and flexibly and all at a very attractive price/ performance ratio.

Servopneumatics and the SPC200 offer maximum freedom of movement …

… with the piston rod drives DNC with externaldisplacement encoder, for example. The double-acting standard cylinder DNC is available in a wide range of variants, all of which can be combined to provide the right solution to any application.

… with the piston rod drives DNCI with integrated displacement encoder, for example. The double-acting standard cylinder DNCI is available with through piston rod, external guide unit and clamping...
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