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Essay Cross-Curricular

Art can have many types of meanings, but what matters more is reason and emotion. Even though some paintings that artists create don’t look logical or just don’t have manyforms, people that look at them and observe them carefully find their own logic and do their own reasoning in order to find the form of the painting. Sometimes artists make or create art without anyemotion; well, artists don’t need emotion at all to create a piece of art, it’s the people that view it that create that emotion inside. We’ll always see rare things that seem to have no meaning at all,but you have to look closely and for a long time in order to discover and find out what the painting is all about. We have to use reasoning in order to look for the emotion and purpose of art.
Someartists that make sculptures usually get inspired in rare things that only they think is interesting. The artist will be the only one that will find its own reasoning and when we see it we’ll thinkit’s weird, but we just have to find the beauty of it and discover that emotion inside when we see it and look at it closely. Emotion has the advantage of being open to all, the weak and the lowly, theilliterate and the scholar. It is seen to be as efficacious as any other method and is sometimes said to be stronger than the others, since it is its own fruition, while other methods are means tosome other ends. This is true now that emotion plays a role, now that it creates a special feeling inside that is in need of coming out and expressing the way we feel. So, as I was saying at thebeginning, we all feel something different when seeing a painting, sculpture or anything related to the topic of art.
In the case of reasoning with things, like here that we use art, not everyone has thesame reasoning. Some people might find some sculptures weird looking and simply not like them. Others might think that it’s interesting, and other reasoning and feelings like that. Reason has its...
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