Cosmetic surgery

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  • Publicado : 27 de abril de 2011
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Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the medical specialty that is designed to bring to normal functional and anatomical body coverage, the shape of thebody. Seeks to reconstruct surgically correcting deformities and functional deficiencies by transforming the human body. The word "plastic“comes from theGreek "plastikos" meaning to mold or transform.
The aim is that the patient that born with a birth defect or have suffered an accident that has lost thefunction of normal range in both its appearance and function of your body. It also provides an aesthetic improvement to reshape bodies to make them more beautiful.The benefits of getting plastic surgery is that many people may return the mutilated parts of his body, retrieve positive levels of self-esteem and socialreintegration assistance to a more efficient and better working conditions.
The disadvantages are the cost of surgery, the recovery stage, stage of paindepending on the type of surgery, the possibility of a complication and that some people can become addicted to this type of surgery.
In my opinion is thatplastic surgery is good for people who want to see well and to help them raise their self-responsibility but without falling into excess. Another important pointis to know the place, doctors and equipment to go to work and that doctors are professionals who do not have any kind of risk and whether a person hasenough money to get this type of surgery. And most importantly, I believe, I think, that the person needs to know if it is important to have this surgery.
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