Crisis ecologica en el judaismo

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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2010
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Many of the people fear to the dark, no because its existences if not because they fear to the unknown. I don’t fear to the dark, but be part of a ritual from a religion that is different to the one that I practice, it is stressful. I choose to study about the Judaism; therefore I should assist to a Shabbat. I didn’t know what to expect when I entered to the Synagogue. Maybe not for the placeif not for the reaction that the people could have if I made a mistake or gesture that could offend a belief or sacred ornament.
To start this journey first I should defined what Synagogue I will visit. The Judaism is one of the older religions in world, and contrast with the idea that Weston is considered a young city in Florida (founded in 1996). However in this city, there are more synagoguesthan any other temples from other religion. I have to choose among the Temple B’Nai Aviv (Conservative), Temples Chabad Lubavitch (Orthodox), and Temple Dor Dorim (Reformist). I chose the last temple because it is the closest one to my church, and I knew that the priest of my church has a good relation with the Rabbi of that temple.
To relief the stress and confront the situation in the best waypossible, I decided go to visit the priest of my church, Rev. Pedro M. Corces. The first question that I had in mind was the similities and differences between the Catholic and the Jews. He commented me that the Catholic and Jews have things in common. For example, the Old Testament for Christians is very similar to the Torah (Hebrew Bible). Although between these two religions, there are moredifferences than similarities. Then that if I really want to appreciate the Shabbat or any Jewish ceremony I would have to be open mind, and try to do not filter what I see through my Christian’s perspectives. That it is not easy to do because you always will make any judgments based on what you have learned and belief. The priest never had attended to one Shabbat; therefore, he could not give memany advices of what I should do.
I always have associated the Jews with elder persons, maybe because the majority of Jews that I know are mature persons. Based in this preconception I expected to find in the service, white people around 65 years old. However, I did not have any idea neither of how could be the Synagogue inside nor the procedure of the Shabbat, due that I had never been in thiskind of temple before. I know some of their symbols and clothing like the Star of David, or the kippah that they wear.
The Temple Dor Dorim is located 2360 Glades Circle, next to a Publix, and other temples or churches. Before attend to the Shabbat, I called to check the scheduled, and there are services all Fridays at 7:00 pm and two services on Saturday one at 9:00 am, and other one at 11:00 pm.I choose to go the firday’s night of the Jan 31. That night when I was parking the first impression that I had of the synagogue was that it was very simple. The temple is like a bronze kippah or semi-sphere when you see from outside. The circle is a symbol that represents Gob, because He is eternal, and the circle does have neither beginning nor end. To the right side of the temple there is anelementary school, and the office of the temple. That night, I was one of the first ones in arrived. I decided to wait until more people come, and enter with them. As the time passed I saw that the people that arrive were old as I thought that they will be. However, many young families arrived with their children when the time was more close to 7:00. I was surprised because there were more youngadults than old persons. Maybe I think since this Synagogue is part of reform movement could influence in the appealing to kind of believers. Additionally the majority people were American; I could not identify any Latin or Asian person. Also the only language that the Shabbat is delivered in this Synagogue is in English obviously mixed with Hebrew.

Entering to the temple there is a lobby where...
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