Dependent prepositions paterns

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Dependent Prepositions Patterns
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In the English language there are many verbs, nouns and adjectives which are followed by specific prepositions. The prepositions are called dependent becausetheir choice depends on the particular word and its meaning.
Prepositional verb and object + preposition + object
agree about sth with sb depend on sb/sth for sth
agree with sb about/over sthdisagree with sb about/over sth
apologise to sb for sth quarrel with sb about/over sth
complain about sth to sb rely on sb/sth for sth
complain to sb about sth(sb =somebody; sth = something)

Verb and direct object + preposition + indirect object
(* These verbs can also follow the pattern: verb + directobject + preposition + ing form)
accuse sb of sth* deprive sb of sth rid sb of sth
acquit sb of sth describe sth to sb rob sb of sth
advise sb against sth* discuss sth with sb savesb/sth from sth
advise sb of sth explain sth to sb starve sb of sth
aim sth at sb help sb with sth steal sth from sb
arrest sb for sth* lend sth to sb stop sb from –ing
beat sb at sth*make sth for sb strip sb of sth
blame sb for sth* persuade sb of sth supply sb with sth
blame sth on sb praise sb for sth* supply sth for/to sb
bother sb with sth present sb withsth suspect sb of sth
compensate sb for sth* present sth to sb throw sth at sb (=in order to hit congratulate sb for sth* prevent sb from –ing them)
( US English) protect sb fromsth throw sth to sb (=in order for them congratulate sb on sth* provide sb with sth to catch it)
convict sb of sth* provide sth for sb warn sb about/against sth*
convice sb ofsth reassure sb of sth welcome sb to sth
criticise sb for sth release sb from sth
cure sb of sth rescue sb from sth

Noun + preposition + noun/ing form
(* These nouns can...
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