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  • Publicado : 19 de septiembre de 2010
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Betzy Lucia Ferrer Almaraz 304

Where it lives in zones of the south and center of America, Africa, Southwest of Asia and Australia. Feeding Carnivore Customs They use his enormous bagsto catch fish. Characteristics Bird. In freedom they live more between 10 and 25 years or. Its body measures 2 mms and their wings 3 M.s they weigh about 15 kg. They exist more than average dozen ofspecies of known pelicans, but all have the famous stock market under the tip that characterizes these birds. These birds use the bags to hunt fish, but each species uses a different technique. Somepelicans hunt swimming in groups. One of its techniques is to group itself in the form of or and being dragging to the fish towards the center or a zone of low waters. For this, once in the water, theybeat its wings against this to scare the fish. They have once them put in a corner only must take them. On the other hand, the brown pelican, hunts the fish from down, that is to say, diving itemerges upwards and it captures the fish with its great stock market. But the pelicans do not store these fish in their stock market, they use simply it to transport them towards a dry zone, and toswallow. The American white pelican is able to maintain 11 liters of water in its stock market. The youngest pelicans, feed themselves taking the food on stock-market of their parents. Pelicans in many ofthe coastlines, in Lagos and rivers can be found. They are social birds that often travel in multitude with the typical form of shoots with an arrow or line. Also they nest in colonies and usually theyare joined in islands. In North America the brown pelican was in danger of extinction due to the amount of contamination and pesticides, but at the moment it is beginning to recover the population ofthis animal.

The pelicans are very known by the immense stock market that have in the part inferior of their long tip. It is not certain what that says in stock-market they maintain the...
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