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AGENT: Good morning. Can I help you ?
CLIENT: Yes, Can you give me some recommendations for the next holiday travel.
AGENT: sure. somethingspecial?
CLIENT: Maybe, somewhat more expensive than Cancun, but cheaper than Italy
AGENT: perfect: what about Hawaii?
CLIENT: No, it is very hot, I prefer somethingmore fresh.
AGENT: Well, then, what about Canada?
CLIENT: No, I'd like to go to Switzerland
AGENT: ok, I've just got three packages to Switzerland.
CLIENT: Couldyou explain to me?
AGENT: package number one its for three days in the five-star hotel, with round-trip plane , and the meals, doesn’t include visits to special placesor anything like that.
CLIENT: I do not like it, and what's the second?
AGENT: The second package includes round-trip plane and five days in the five-star hotel withonly two meals and visits to two museums in the place
CLIENT: How much does it cost?
AGENT: only $ 1400
CLIENT: No, the third
AGENT: The third includes,round-trip plane, with four days in the five-star hotel and a small book that includes: two visits to the Swiss Alps, you have discounts in museums and locationsrepresentative of Switzerland. all for 1450 dollars for two people.
CLIENT: I liked most, I make a reservation please.
AGENT; It for April 17th out of the airport, no breaks, theplane is straightforward, and would arrive on April 18th in the afternoon, and the booking in the hotel begins on April 19th and returning on April 23°rd.
CLIENT: Ithink it's perfect. Can I pay now, do you accept, masti-card ?
AGENT: Yes. then that would be all, you can spend next Wednesday for their tickets and everything else.
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