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A: Hi, Pete! How was your weekend?
B: Pretty good. I went to the country with my family.
A: Did you have a good time?
B: Oh, I had a lot of fun. I wentswimming in a river, I went hiking in the woods, I rode on horseback...
A: Sounds like you enjyoed yourself big time.
B: I surely did! What about you? What didyou do?
A: Oh, nothing much. I just stayed home and watched TV all day.
B: That doesn"t sound like much fun.
Hola Pete. ¿Cómo estuvo tu fin desemana?
Bastante bueno. Fui al campo con mi familia
¿La pasaste bien?
Oh! Me divertí mucho. Fui a nadar a un río, fui a dar una caminata por el bosque, montéa lomo de caballo...
Parece que te divertiste de lo lindo
Seguro que sí. ¿Y tú qué? ¿Qué hiciste?
No mucho. Me quedé en casa y vi la tele todo el día
Eso nosuena muy divertido


Hello, John. How are you?
Not too bad. Have you done the exercises the teacher told us to do for today?
I have tried butsome of them are rather difficult.
No, I don´t think so. Your problem is that you missed a class and you didn ´t listen to the teacher´s explanation.
Yes, Ididn´t knw how to fill in the exercises about present perfect.
Have a look at the grammar about it on page 45. I think it is very clear.
Why don´t you let mecopy your exercises?
No, I won´t . You won´t learn anything that way and you have two hours before the class starts
But I ´d prefer to go for a walk
Comeon, don´t be lazy. The teacher said the present perfect was going to appear in the exam so you´d better have a look at it.
Yes, you´re right. I ´ll do it
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