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Postsecondary Education

English-Spanish Glossary

December 2004

Glossary Introduction This glossary is maintained and supported by a group of organizations involved in student financial aid and in promoting access to higher education to Hispanics throughout the country: Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, National Association for College Admission Counseling, NationalAssociation of Student Financial Aid Administrators, National Council for Community and Education Partnerships, National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs, TG, U.S. Department of Education, and U.S. General Services Administration through FirstGov en Español. These organizations created a workgroup of education, student financial aid, and Spanishlanguage experts, who drew upon and reconciledpreexisting glossaries to develop a single, easy-to-use reference tool that could facilitate the creation of more consistent Spanish-language materials about higher education and student financial aid. Use of the glossary is entirely voluntary.

A Word on the Translation Process This glossary uses standard Spanish; consequently, the workgroup strove to avoid anglicisms and “Spanglish,” whichmight not be meaningful to some Spanish speakers. During the glossary’s development, however, challenges arose due to variation in education terminology used in different Spanish-speaking countries. Whenever feasible, the glossary seeks to accommodate these variations and to specify the region in which a particular term is used. There are concepts represented in the glossary that are unique to theAmerican higher education and financial aid systems. Therefore, invention and compromise were required at times when translating terms that describe concepts having no precise equivalent in the education and aid systems of Spanish-speaking countries. Due to the variety of audiences and situations to which Spanish-language materials are directed, the glossary offers synonyms from different linguisticregisters (or levels of formality). When necessary, the glossary also provides contextual and usage notes. Where multiple terms are provided, we trust the translator to use the term that best applies to a specific context and audience. Finally, in order to communicate a concept accurately, it may be necessary at times to include, in parentheses after the Spanish term, the original English term, ora definition in Spanish. For example: una escuela secundaria (high school, or grades 9-12), una institución postsecundaria de dos años (community college).

Annual Review Process Anyone wishing to provide input about the glossary should submit his or her comments to Brent Hay at brent.hay@tgslc.org by January 15 of each year. The initiative participants will establish a workgroup annually toevaluate the comments and review the glossary. The updated glossary will be released each year at the end of March.

December 2004


Postsecondary Education English-Spanish Glossary

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December 2004


Postsecondary Education English-Spanish Glossary

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