Diferencias y similitudes entre la tecnica y la tecnologia

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microsoft internet explorer is a computer program called browser that help you interact with and navigate through information resources on the internet.
internet is a worldwide network of computers that all use the same rules (or protocols) to communicate and share information. you can use internet explorer to read publications and view pictures stored on a computer halfway across the world.internet explorer enables you to access web sites and interpret the html code , which is the computer language that web pages are written in.
to start internet explorer, move the mouse pointer over the internet explorer icon (pictured to the left) on the desktop and double clikc on it. the window will open and will automatically load the web page designated as that computers home page, orstarting page.
the following is a guide to the parts of the window you will see when working on microsoft internet explorer.

the title bar
the title bar in MS Windows always contains the following items: a simbol associated with the application you are using, the name of the application you are using, the name of the file within the application you are using, and the maximize, miniature, minimize,and close buttons. for example, when you`re using internet explorer you will see internet explorer`s blue, lowercase "e" logo, the name of the current web page (in this case it was the PC center`s home page), the name internet explorer, plus those three gray buttons at the far right.
the internet explorer`s blue , lowercase "e" logo icon features a drop down menu that controls the size, location,and appearance of the internet explorer window. essentially , all of the these functions can be utilized through the maximize, minimize and close buttons to the far right of the title bar, so you will not be using this menu that often.
minimize: puts the window in the taskbar and closes the application window, not the entire application.
maximize/restore down: makes the window the full size ofthe desktop.
when the screen is maximized this button changes to a double box. this then performs the opposite function and returns the screen to the smaller window size.
close: closes the application.

the address bar
the address tells you where you are, helps you get where you want to go, and lets you access where you`ve been.

the address bar tells the exact web address for the pageyou are currently viewing. if you have a web address that you want to visit, you can type it in this white text entry box and press the enter key on the keyboard to bring up that site. the arrow at the far right end of the box brings up a listing of the last ten sites you`ve visited and provides you with a link if you want to return to them.
back - sends you to the last page you visited. if youhave not visited any pages yet, this button will not be active.
forward - working with back, sends you to the page you were on before pressing back.
refresh - reloads the entire page to update it to the most current information
stop - stops a page from being downloaded

the menu bar
the menu bar features drop-down menus. which allow you to perfomr special functions within explorer. it`s agreat place to take a tour to get acquainted with the functions of internet explorer. computers usually provide you with a couple ways of doing the same thing.
many of the commands available through the menu bar are also available through the address and explorer bars. as you become more experienced with internet explorer. you wil discover which is your preferred method.
file: supplies thecommands that allow you to open a new page, save a page, send a page, preview and print a page, and close and exit internet explorer.
edit: allows you cut, copy, paste, and search for words and phrases within a page.
view. lets you chose which toolbars you want displayed, alter the for size, go to the last page you visited or the computer`s home page, and refresh the web page.
favorites: allows you...
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