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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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01. Do You Want Me (DeaD?) / 02. I Feel lIke DancIn’ / 03. Forget about It * / 04. guts 05. tIMe-boMb *** / 06. Just the WaY I’M not ** / 07. unDer a PaPer Moon / 08. return the Favor 09. no IDea / 10. a DaYDreaM aWaY / 11. that gIrl **** / 12. heroes / 13. get DoWn on Your knees anD tell Me You love Me / 14. MY onlY one *** / 15. MerrY chrIstMas, kIss MY ass*****
ProDuceD bY

DGC ReCoRDs,2220 ColoRaDo ave., santa MoniCa, Ca 90404 ManufaCtuReD anD DistRibuteD in the uniteD states by univeRsal MusiC DistRibution. PC 2011 DGC ReCoRDs. all RiGhts ReseRveD.

M I k e g r e e n / excePt: * P r o D u c e D b Y J o h n F I e l D s / * * * P r o D u c e D b Y M at t s q u I r e / * * * * P r o D u c e D b Y D a v I D k a h n e /

**ProDuceD bY

butch Walker *****ProDuceD bY u 4 lALLTIMELOW.COM DGCRECORDS.COM

ALL TIMEtoLOW would like thank

You. You anD You alWaYs. We WrIte the saMe stuFF In these “thank You” sectIons everY tIMe, but For real, We Mean It-- everY tIMe. It’s lIke the boY Who crIeD WolF, coMbIneD WIth the InDIan In the cuPboarD MovIe... You Don’t knoW Who or What to belIeve, but that buck-tootheD gnar-babY DeFInItelY brought that PlastIc FIgurIne to lIFe,Whether You lIke It or not. It haPPeneD! It’s kInD oF lIke hoW You guYs brIng us to lIFe. get It? no? FIne! / anYWaY... thank You so Much For the suPPort anD love You’ve shoWn us over the Years. We have so Much Fun WIth You... anD a bIg, verY sPecIal thanks to all oF the hustlers, (the PartIes have been rIDIculous... thank You For takIng our v-carDs.) / also! / bIg uP’s to: MontI olson, luke WooD,brenDa roMano, JIMMY IovIne, anD everYone at our neW Dgc/InterscoPe FaMIlY. keIth lazorchak (Who thankeD hIMselF, technIcallY...), ron oPaleskI, MartIn horne, scott braDForD, MarkY anD everYone else at glaMour kIlls, Ian harrIson, erIc tobIn, louIs Posen, anD the staFF at hoPeless recorDs, nano tIssera, craIg Monahan, MIssY Worth, Pat Magnarella, Paul Manna, MIke shea anD the entIre staFF at altPress, lIsa laurIcella, rochelle holguIn, anD MalIka queMeraIs at Mtv, Jason tate anD aP.net, chelsea at rockstar, tIM at nIke, MInDY at Fox, alex anD chrIs at FenDer, MIke anD everYone at sJc, kevIn anD Matt at ProMark, aDaM anD reMo, sarah MalaneY anD zIlDJIan. WInn at Prs, Dave at aguIlar, kevIn WIlson at esPn, Masa at kIck rock, taYlor D e Young, Dave at aguIlar, anD JorDan M c graW For hIshosPItalItY, karen gooDMan, Ianthe zevos, brIan Frank, alex reese, hIllarY sIskInD, MoraD khokar, aDrIan aMoDeo, reID M c MullIan, Matt at eMeralD Moon, Jules & lInDs at vIva la rock. kevIn lYMan anD everYone at WarPeD tour. extra sPecIal thanks to MIke green, butch Walker, John FIelDs, Matt squIre, neal avron, John FelDMan, MaJa Ivarsson, rIvers cuoMo, anD Mark troMbIno For all oF theIr aMazIngProDuctIon anD MIxIng anD For helPIng us Make thIs cD a realItY. / FInallY, a huge thanks to the banDs We’ve shareD a stage WIth, anD the banDs We’ve haD the Pleasure oF gettIng to knoW... You guYs are raD. It’s been real. thanks to our FrIenDs anD FaMIlIes For all oF theIr love anD suPPort. bIg uPs to the ProMoters that have bookeD our shoWs anD gIven us a shot to Do What We love... We can be a PaInIn the ass. aPologIes all arounD. but serIouslY... Deal WIth It. / asIDe FroM the above, there are too ManY PeoPle to naMe that have helPeD anD suPPorteD us along the WaY, so thank You to all oF You Who Weren’t MentIoneD.

Do You Want Me (DeaD?) (alex gaskarth, MIke green) songs oF unIversal, Inc./all tIMe loW MusIc (bMI)/oss MusIc, aDM. bY songs oF unIversal, Inc. (bMI) / 02. I Feel lIkeDancIn’ (alex gaskarth, rIvers cuoMo) songs oF unIversal, Inc./all tIMe loW MusIc (bMI)/rIvers cuoMo (bMI), anD e.o. sMIth MusIc (bMI)) / 03. Forget about It* (alex gaskarth, John FIelDs)songs oF unIversal, Inc./all tIMe loW MusIc (bMI)/straWberrIus MusIc (ascaP) aDMInIs/ 04. guts Feat. MaJa Ivarsson (alex gaskarth, MIke green)(songs oF unIversal, Inc./all tIMe loW MusIc (bMI)/oss MusIc, aDM. bY...