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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Disneyland resort Paris was opened in 1992, and it was for Disney, Inc. An expansion of the organization and the open of new market, but in order to do makethat possible they took into account variables like costs and possible discounts according to the season they were into, and also make as much advertising was possible acrossEurope, but even with that the factors of cultural differences in the Union, are huge. We are not only talking about spoken and written languages, but also in religion and culturalvalues, since in Berlin the way to behave is a lot different than Paris. So in short terms each country of the Union is too different for one another, and when Disney, Inc. Focusits market only on French culture and trying to impose American culture is very a try of adiaphoras without criteria.
Although Disney, Inc. Accomplish negotiations succeeded,the bottom line of its business was open a new market as they made in Tokyo, but if the organization was expecting a great opening without taking in consideration that Europe isnot only a culture of one country and one type of people, because European market is a diversify place of culture, in other words you can’t enter with one culture in an environmentthat its basic identity is the diversity of cultures, because of the different tastes and customs, like the way streets are organized by names, because if its only French namesis not only taking into account that there are Germans, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and each member of the Union. So the Europe has a large number of segments, therefore its brandshould not adapt costumers but the brand should be adapted to its customers, to create value within the brand in a new environment, and innovating to create value to each market.