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My worst job
I have had many jobs which have been the worst in my entire life. But
The worst and I don’t to know anything about it was as a dishwasher in
a restaurant everything there I didn’tlike it beginning with the hours
and the ambiance the payment so many things that really bothered
me, in any case I had to work , because I haven’t had another job, it was
so hard to get anew job for that time, that’s the unique reason that I
hadn’t quit.

As I said I was tired about the hours; the shifts of the long ten hours it
was a tiring thing, I think I worked because it wasa prerequisite for
keeping my job for that reason I accepted to work as a dishwasher. As
well every week the boss always changed the hours so I was studying
and sometimes I didn’t go to theschool only for going to my
job, consequently I failed all my courses in high school.

Also the payment was only the minimum and the job was so busy and
so dirty for only the minimum payment atthe same time I made more
than ten hours and the boss didn’t pay me any bonus for the overtime,
it was frustrating because long shifts and I didn’t receive anything from
them nobody likes to workas I did.

Unfortunately they also didn’t have a nice environment to be working
there, the dishwasher as usual works in the kitchen, I think I was in a
desert or on the beach because the heatwas truthfully awful I couldn’t
even breath, it was really hot over there and also I couldn’t concentrate
or hear what the other employments were telling me because of the
noise of the carsoutside or just the people in the restaurant or the
club that was there and put aloud music during the day but I was still

Finally I quit my worst job that I hadn’t have ever in my lifeonly
because of the crisis and unemployment that exist in many countries
that force us to work under the worst conditions and we say nothing
to that, we still working and don’t fight for our...
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