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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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Drug Dealing Problem in Mexico
Mexico is passing through a difficult stage of excessive violence because of the measurements the government is taking to fight against drug dealing. All this violence caused by the drug dealers and the government is bringing a lot of economic and social problems to the country. The solution to avoid drug dealing in Mexico that the government is applying may not bethe correct one because they are generating more problems than what they were fighting in the first place.
Violence in our country is increasing because drug dealers are fighting among them for territory. As authorities are trapping drug dealers leaders, their subordinates now fight to be the leader and to control the more territory they can. These new leaders are not only focused on theillegal sell of substances they are interested in other illegal issues too that are more dangerous to our society like steals, or kidnaps. They now control the streets, this is why is so dangerous to go out at night in some parts of our country, people don´t know when or where will be a fight between two groups of drug cartels. And even though authorities are doing the best they can to can to controlall the violence, people have lost faith on them, and they think that being around of cops is even more dangerous yet.
Nowadays insecurity in almost every part of our country increased in a very alarming way. People are not able to go out on the streets at night anymore. Kidnaps, robberies, among others are becoming more frequent, and sadly it is possible to say that people are not protectedanymore. This is because all the attention of the police, the army, the government, etc., is focused on capturing drug dealers and their impossible goal is to end this problem.
This wave of violence that exploded about two to three years ago brought many economic and social problems. The economy of our country was affected with this war, international and national tourism seriously decreased, peoplenow rather stay home or travel abroad than travel inside our beautiful country. For example, Acapulco, one of the most touristic beaches in our country, is no longer visited, here drug cartels control everything and they had introduced fear in the city. Socially, this war of the drug dealers against the government and the drug dealers against other drug dealers is bringing chaos to our societyeveryone lives with fear, no one goes out at night and the lack of information from the authorities also brings more suspense to the people.
Drug dealing is an endless problem. The ones who really have the power to end completely this problem are we, our society, when people decide not to consume drugs then it will be the end of drug dealing. But this is a utopic thought, there will always be peopleconsuming illegal substances that hurt their own body, and obviously there will always be people willing to provide those substances.
Many people think that the government strategies came to mess everything up, that they are just creating violence out of nowhere, that things were better when nobody was doing anything about drug dealing, others support the government and think that they are doingit to really help and rescue the country from drug dealers. The president, Felipe Calderon, argues that if they were not acting the way they are, Mexico would already be in hands of drug dealers and that they would have become indirectly the managers of our country. In an interview he said: “What I can say is Mexico will be safer, and to have not acted, it would have deteriorated much more.” Alot of things can be interpreted from this statement, one of those might be that the thinks his plan of action is not working well today and that he hopes, by affirming that Mexico will be safer in the future, his strategy to work. But what other people wonder, is why he is using violence to fight more violence, there are other ways to fight this problem and as it was mention before, the better...
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