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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2010
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Please connect the DVR and a computer to the same router! 
Your Network setup looks similar to this (in the example there is only one computer, but you may have multiple computers on your network): [pic]
 Before you do anything else:
 Make sure you can surf the Internet from the computer that is also attached to the router.
 If you can’t surf the Internet, then we won’t be able to setup the DVR. Call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) so they can help you get your Internet working.
 Then, after the Internet is functional… we can move along with setting up the DVR.
First, weneed to set things up so you can connect to the DVR from the PC that is on the same LAN (Local Area Network) as the DVR.
 Perform these steps from the computer that is connected to the same Routeras the DVR:
 We need to determine the IP info on your network:
 On your PC, go to Start – Run, and type cmd…then click OK:
This will bring up a DOS window. Type ipconfig, and hit enter:[pic]
This will tell us the info we need:
Leave the DOS window open, so you can reference this info again.
Now run the software called IPInstallerENG in the disk.
• Click on[Search Device]
• Highlight your 4Ch DVR
• Enter your network information that explain below
• Click on [Submit]

IP Address: Use the first three numbers from the IPAddress as in the DOS window (192.168.1), but create the last number from 1-255. Please make sure that the one you created is not being used by any device in your network. DO NOT COPY THE LAST NUMBER fromthe DOS window. This is a private IP address.
  Example:       192.168.1.***
            NetMask:  Make this the exact same asin your DOS window.                     
            Gateway: Make this the exact same as in your DOS window.                     ...
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