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The BE verb Present and Past

BE is a special verb in English, and it has different rules from other verbs.
Here are some differences that are easy to see:

1. BE has no action. Most otherverbs (go, study, eat, sleep) show action

2. BE has many forms. They change with different subjects

I am You are He/She/It is

We are You (all) are They are

3. BE has different forms(irregular) for past tense

I was He/She It was

We were You were They were

There are other important points to remember about BE

1. Be verbs can be followed by these 3 kinds ofwords: nouns, adjectives, and

1. Noun: name of person, place, or thing: Who? What?
Cathy is a teacher.
Yoko is a student.
EdCC is a community college.

2. Adjective: tellsabout the noun: What kind of…? How is…?
Rashed is intelligent.
Lisa is tall.
Grammar is easy.

3. Preposition: tells about when or where
Grammar is at 12:00.
Cathy is fromCalifornia.
We are in MLT 141.

2. Making questions is different when BE is the verb. We don’t need a helping verb.
We use BE at the beginning of a yes/no question

He is intelligent.IS he intelligent?

We use BE after the question word

He is at home.
Where IS he?

He is a student?
What IS his job? (What does he do/)

Class is at 12:00What time IS class?

2. Making negatives with BE is also different. We don’t need a helping verb.
We use the BE verb + not

I’m not really crazy. am not-----’m not
You aren’t a lazystudent. are bit------aren’t
She isn’t here today. is not------isn’t
We aren’t homesick yet.
You aren’t lonely.
They aren’t students.


Make sentences with the following information. The sentences may be SINGULAR or PLURAL.
Look at the example.

 orange / kind of fruit / delicious
An orange is a delicious kind of...
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