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Present Continuous - 1Complete the sentences using am/is/are and one of the verbs below.Use the long form, eg., he is not he's. washing | cooking | playing | building | swimming |snowing | having | watching | coming | doing |
1. | I can't talk now. I the dishes. |
2. | Listen to Jim. He the guitar. |
3. | It so we can goskiing. |
4. | Look at Jill. She in the river. |
5. | They a new house in Fairfield. |
6. | Someone . I can smell the food. |
7. | Hurry. The bus . |
8.| They their exercises so they can lose weight. |
9. | I can't answer the phone. I a shower. |
10. | Don and Jerry the football on TV. |

| We use the PresentContinuous Tense to talk about activities happening now. Examples    The kids are watching TV.    I am sitting down, because I am tired.    I am not learning German, because this is an Englishclass.    Who are you writing to? We can also use the Present Continuous Tense to talk about activities happening around now, and not necessarily this very moment. Examples    Sally is studyingreally hard for her exams this week.    I am reading a really interesting book now.    How are you brushing up on your English for the trip?    We aren't working hard these days. The PresentContinuous Tense is also used to talk about activities happening in the near future, especially for planned future events. Examples    I am seeing my dentist on Wednesday.    Polly is coming for dinnertomorrow.    Are you doing anything tonight?    We aren't going on holiday next week. | |

What uses of the Present Continuous Tense do these sentences have? I am playing footballtonight. I can't play with you now. I am finishing my homework. Where are you studying? What are you doing these days? Working? Sally is taking a bath. What are you doing at the...
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