El forger

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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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Chapter 1.
It was just past midnight. The burglar was in the roof of an art gallery. The burglar couldn’t break any window or leavesign that the burglar had been in the gallery. The burglar only could enter through a small window because this was the only window thatdidn’t have an alarm. The burglar was dressed in black. The burglar was interested in only one. When the burglar found the painting. Theburglar took the painting and put into a sack. There was another painting in the sack. The burglar put another painting in the frame; itlooked exactly like the first painting. Even an expert’s eye couldn’t tell the difference. Only chemical tests and X-rays could perhaps showthat it was a forgery, a copy of the painting. The burglar escaped for the same window that the burglar entered. The burglar left thegallery and got into a sport car. Then the burglar took of the black cap. The burglar was blonde hair. The burglar was a young woman. Shewas out of France before the sun came up. She came back to Zurich. There was an old house on a hill above the lake. In the balcony’shouse an old man was waiting, in the cold. The girl parked outside the house and went up to the balcony. She took the painting to the oldman. The old man was her father. She called Karen. He said that she got some sleep.

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