El lsd

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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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Sebastián Pinto III°A

The LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) is a drug from the group of the hallucinogenic. It’s known by its psychological effects (mainly hallucinations,time distortions and good feelings). It was a very popular drug on the 60’s related to the hippie movement. It’s currently used to modify awareness, for having fun or in some countries inpsychotherapy. In most of the countries this drug is banned, but in countries like Russia and the U.K. it’s currently discussing if it could be used for therapeutic purposes.

¿Should this drug be legalized?
-This drug is one of the most powerful so it acts with very low doses compared with other kind of drugs. As said Sidney Cohen “In a suitcase for two suits could be enough LSD to drug all the U.S.population”.
- There are no enough knowledge about this drug and its properties so it’s called an “experimental drug” forbidding its clinical use.
- The use of this drug could have another kind ofeffects like unpleasant feelings, bad hallucinations. This is called “The bad Trip”
-The use of this drug when you are with depression could induce you suicidal.
+ The LSD doesn’t cause physicaldependence, so you can stop using it when you want.
+ It is a very good drug for psychotherapy because it helps the psychiatrist to have a better psychological vision about the patient.
+ Could be used inthe treatment of schizophrenic people, like analgesic for cancer patients and helps in alcoholic rehabilitation.
+ Using LSD helps the person to engage with other people (helping schizophrenic andautistic people).
+ LSD makes the sense of understanding life and existence, religious experiences and makes you think in the meaning of life.
+ Many artists like The Beatles, Mike Dirnt, The ChemicalBrothers, has composed very good songs under the influence of LSD, showing that this drug let their creativity run.

In my opinion this drug isn’t as bad as other ones, so it should be legalized....
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