Electric fields and forces

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Monday, Oct. 25th, 2009

The Big Bang theory project

Experiment: Thorndike and Skinner's operant conditioning[1]

Chapter 3 Season 3 (The Gothowitz Deviation)Joke: The joke in the show was that Sheldon was having trouble with Penny coming over all the time now that she was Leonard’s girlfriend. Sheldon was not getting along with Penny butLeonard asked him to try, he agreed. Every time Penny did something right then Sheldon would give her a chocolate, like a reward for her accion. This is what involves the Thorndike and Skinner'soperant conditioning experiment.

Comment: This experiment is very simple to do and is often use to train animals.

Explanation: The experiment in theory is very simple. The experimentworks by rewarding or punishing the response of the subject. E. L. Thorndike experiment consisted in getting cats in a puzzle box so they try to escape. When the cat made the correct response itwas rewarded with escape and food. According to Thorndike the reward make the response a little more likely. This was called the law of effect.

Skinner made an experiment much alike. Heput rats in to a box. After performing some action like pressing a lever he gave them food that served as a reinforcer. A reinforcer is defined as anything that increases the frequency of thebehavior it follows. When the rat did not fallow the expected pattern it was punished by removing something positive.

The results showed that as time went by and the same conditions wereapplied to the subject in a matter of time depending of each subject the undesired behaviors reduced and the desired behaviors increased.

[1] Consultedin http://scienceofpsychology.com/prospectus/chapter-7-sg.pdf, Wednesday 22, Oct 2009.

[2] Consulted in http://www.mhhe.com/socscience/intro/ibank/ibank/0081.jpg, Wednesday 22, Oct 2009.
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