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  • Publicado : 12 de junio de 2011
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Lab Report
Acknowledge: we want to acknowledge the European school for supplying us the materials used.
Introduction: in this experiment we want to show how electrolysis process work and how wecan produce hydrogen because hydrogen cannot be found in earth. During the project we hoped to learn a lot about chemistry and show our knowledge to others.

Research Question:
What will increase theamount of hydrogen produced in electrolysis process?
In electrolysis process a higher concentration of MgS04 and a high voltage will increase the amount of hydrogen. This happensbecause MgSO4 increase the conductivity of water and the high voltage separates the molecules faster.
• First experiment:
a. Control
- Time (18 minutes)
- Concentration (1moldm-3)
- Amountof water (150 ml)
b. Independent
- Charge (in volts)
• Second experiment:
• Control
- Time (18 minutes)
- Charge (6 volts)
- Amount of water (150 l)
• Independent
- Concentration (moldm-3)Materials:
• 1 Electrode stand with wires
• 2 small test tubes
• 1 trough
• 1 jar or MgSO4
• 1 DC power supply
• 4 conical flasks
• 1 graduated cylinder, 100m
• 1 graduated cylinder, 25ml
•Ruler, 30cm

1. Make four solutions.
- 1-Mix 24.65g of magnesium sulfate with 100dm3 of water.
- 2-Mix 9.38g of magnesium sulfate with 50dm3 of water.
- 3-Mix 6.24g of magnesiumsulfate with 50dm3 of water.
- 4-Mix 3.36g of magnesium sulfate with 50dm3 of water.
2. Measure 10ml of magnesium sulfate with a graduated cylinder and place it in the rectangular trough.
3. Add 140 mlto the trough
4. Place 2 test tubes in the solution in the trough. Don t let any air get in .
5. Take the electron base of the opposite end of the trough and tip over so the that the electrodesare resting horizontally on the bottom, facing the mouth of the filled test tubes..
6. Carefully slide each of the two test tubes in ti the electrodes, keeping both of them submerged.
7. Erect the...
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