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It’s gonna be what I remember too (ugh) even though the whole band’s trip on the song was something
to witness. Immy & Jim got fused into Millard’s pounding acoustic and, when I suggested an arrangement
based around this specific set of crashes by the band in & out of the rhythm threesome’s groove, you could
tell Dan had been salivating over what Millard was doing to that acoustic because hetried to tear a very nonmelodic hole in his amp with his electric. Then Dave found this really pretty melody and Charlie added, of all
things, strings (?). It’s the weirdest freaking song. Hopefully there’s no film.

Finally they got on stage and played an extremely inebriated set that threatened to capsize at any moment
but was saved from disaster at the last minute by a breathtaking versionof “Meet On The Ledge”...which has
been lodged permanently in my brain ever since…I scurried home and dutifully relearned it, keeping it in the
oeuvre on and off for decades…I actually learned Meet On The Ledge from a bootleg tape of a solo Richard
Thompson gig, very stripped down, but the version we do now is based on the original arrangement from
Fairport’s What We Did On Our Holidays album,which my cohort (and fellow music freak) Mr. Duritz favors…
good stuff!”

Strange Arrow Music (ASCAP)
Recorded by The Romany Rye for the ep Highway 1, Looking Back Carefully (2009), the lp Quicksilver Sunbeam (2012), and a Daytrotter Session on April 13, 2010

Meet On The Ledge Written by Richard Thompson

Yes, Mr. Immerglück, it certainly is.

BMG/Chrysalis obo Warlock Music Ltd (BMI)Recorded by Fairport Convention for the lp What We Did On Our Holidays (1969)

Like Teenage Gravity written by Kasey Anderson

Dave – Mandolin
Jim – Drums
Adam – vocals
Charley - Hammond B-3 Organ, Piano, BV
Immer - right side Electric Lead Gtr
Millard - Bass Gtr
Dan - left side Electric Gtr, BV

Dave - Acoustic Gtr
Jim - Drums, percussion, BV
Adam - vocals, BV
Charley - Piano,Hammond B-3 Organ
Immer - left side Electric Gtr, BV
Millard - Bass Gtr
Dan - right side Electric Gtr, BV

The 1st time I heard “Untitled (Love Song)” was the first time I saw The Romany Rye, in 2011 in a little club
at South By Southwest. It was their last song and they were absolutely torching it. They swung a groove so
deepthat I could’ve stood there watching them pass it around until theplace burned to the ground. There’s
only one 4-chord pattern in the song. You make it work by feel. It was the end of the gig and they were just...
LEANING into it. What can I say? It got good to me. All I could think was “Ooooh man, I wanna spend 5
minutes doing this myself”.

Many lists of the greatest rock & roll albums rank Richard & Linda Thompson’s apocalyptic 1982 swan song
Shoot OutThe Lights in the top 10, including Rolling Stone’s 1st such list, published only a few years later.
When I first heard the record, I was speechless. All I could think was “Whothe f#@% are these people?” I read
up on them and found out he was the founder of the seminal late-60’s Brit band Fairport Convention and also
made a series of albums with his wife Linda, all of which were completelyout-of-print and impossible to find
in the States. Great. I put them on my list. I had a list. We all did.

Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Sometimes you just want to spend some time doing the thing the other guy
was doing. Sometimes you just want to listen to it again, but sometimes...you wanna lean in and give it some
more personal attention.

When I was a kid, before everything gotre-released on CD, there was a lot of music you just couldn’t find.
Records went out of print. Not just obscure records either; historic recordings like The Beach Boys’ Pet
Sounds, The Modern Lovers, and the entire Big Star catalog were very hard to find.

We could all see each other pretty well standing around the room when we recorded this song but at the time
it felt like we didn’t even need to....
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