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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2010
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The impressive technology of renewable energies
Havent yoou imagined a world free of pollution? A world moving just wiith technologies that have energy provided by nature.Well that types of ideasarenot crazy anymore due to the advanced improvements and inventions involving all sorts of renewableenergies like solar or eolic.
Let think of a concrete example that has generated a lot of positiveideas,Israel , a guy named SHai Agassi designed few years ago a complete infrastructure of electric cars .This project called better place has as an objective to eliminate all the gas emissions thanksto vehicles that are responsible for more than 43% of our total gas emissions worldwide.But whats the main point of these cars , well he designes with Renault sepecial cars that work with advancedbatteries that can actually be replaced instead of charges, they started a campaign to offer this cars by offering different interesting economic savings and incentives such as tax free, and very goodprices for this cars.This project has made a worldwide impact since they are implementing this one in other interested countries like Denmark and the world wide ecologic city San Francisco ,California.Other interestin project is one rgardin solar energy in the United states, former CEO of foto watio has implemented several new incentives to promote this energy in all communities by giving eithergrants or special prices thanks to the government support.
Overall this new projects can lead to several questions, but lets not stop and argue and help this or other interesting project that offersolutions to global warming that can change our world.
Even though we are missing things , this first steps are very valuable and as M Harrow ecology leader said "Lets be tha chenge of our world byenetering in these new ways of technology one leads to another" making reference to the change of mentality .
So I hope we understand that we have possible soluions and the change is in our hand .
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