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  • Publicado : 17 de diciembre de 2010
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The first time I heard about Julia was a rainy and cold December morning, two years ago. By that time, I was working for a brand new software factory business. The experience had been sointeresting and I had been the first worker hired six months earlier. We had the custom of buy food every Friday, in a weekly basis. I can remember that Friday when it was my turn I had decided to buytamales, and there we were sharing experiences and anecdotes as a way to know each other better. The house we were using as an office was an old house in Barrio Antiguo in Monterrey city. This house hadmany rooms, but for budget reasons, only had been redecorated two rooms facing the street. Although the rest of the house remained without changes going from the front rooms to the back rooms, seems tobe walking from the live world to the ghost world. We decided to use one of the back rooms as a dinning room because there was a large table that we can use in our lunch hour. The first time I sawthis table I could smell the scent of the wet wood and the past years in the accumulated dust. We cleaned the table but the rest of the room remained being part of the past, we could feel how otherstories happened in the same place, many years ago. We had been chatting about interesting stories and anecdotes, when Adriana started to tell us about Julia, which had been a common subject of herfamily during many years. Adriana was CEO of the software factory in that time. She was 36 years old when she joined the company. She had worked so hard during her career to get that position, andshe grew up in a good social family level. I never had not had any personal ESP experience or even I did not know any close person to me with some experience, and suddenly I was there hearing a goodprofessional, expert in the field, talking about a ghost. She began to tell her story.
“When I was a baby, my dad traveled a lot around the country, living for several months near the factory...
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