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Name: Stephany Uchiwa Kaulitz
For this essay topic I have decided to write about Bill Kaulitz because like me thousands of teenagers have grown up influenced with his incredible music. His life looks to me really interesting even though all the problems that he had faced as a child he always fought with all his heart to make his dreams come true and his main goal to become a famoussinger in now a reality
He has a very special melody voice different from the others with a very unique style that causes sensations. I could even say that he is one of the most loved but at the same time hated singer because of his tremendous fame.
May be of his pure gothic dress style he might cause lots of controversy but he possess one of the most beautiful and perfect face features manface.
He’s also the author of all his songs. He wrote his first song at the age of 8 and that was when he first started to develop his singing skills which he showed when he was accepted in one of the most famous kids contests “Kinder-Star-Search”
Even though he has faced many critics in his daily life, he’s very successful in his music career. In 2008 when he debuted in our country 3 of his hitswere number one hits on radio and this is something to admire because not everybody is able to do this without failures.

He was born in very significant year, 1989 the Berlin wall fall down. Since a kid he always got the best grades and used to argue with teacher with the purpose to defend his civil rights. When he turned 8 his parents got divorced. This event caused a major impact in Bill’slife and that’s when he started to write songs to express his feelings. Even though he was going through very hard times later on he annex his first album “Schreir”
His stepfather was a frustrated musician who helped him and supported him to make his dream come true and he was with him in the most difficult moments of Bill’s career.
In 2001 he was part of the Devilish band where his twin brotherwas the group leader. Bill and his twin brother are very united and consider one another their best friend.
When bill was in “Kinder-Star-Search” even though he was the people’s favorite one, he won the second place on the contest which helped him to enter in the German music industry that saw on him the freshness and music innovation that was missing.
David Jost gave up all to make Bill areal singer with future and his band had to change its’ name to “Tokio Hotel” something that would help the band easy sell to the public. Bill’s Sony music company postponed his recorder when the company’s president was fired. He knew that things were going to be not easy and for that reason he had to wait unit 3 years later for his album to go out. In 2003 finally his record came out when he wasjust turning 15 years old. He was always very independent and rebel and when he got his first pay check he decided to do his first tattoo a logo of his band behind his neck going behind his mother’s back. His mother first noticed it when she saw it on his music video “Durch den monsoon”

At the beginning his music was considered too measure for his age, talking about real teenagers problems. Thatwas something that made him own respect and admiration from critics.
During the first playing week his music was on the 10 favorite song list and on the following weeks. His music went beyond German countries and got to Australia and Swiss. This converted him into an international phenomenon that extended to 13 European countries in only 3 months something incredible for an unknown band. Hisalbum was on the best sellers for more than one year, something hard to accomplish now a days.
With his philosophy “live the moment” don’t worry about the past and look towards the future with the wish to be the best putting all his effort on worthy things in life that make him happy.
His songs in a way talk about love which is something hard to find for him since he is always traveling and...
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