Ensayo sobre la importanci del ingles

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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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Importance of English
English is the official language of the globalized world we are living. Hence, the main reason why it is important, this has several implications especially in the workplace, business and computing.
Since this language can allow you to open many job opportunities. Also now in academia is essential to know how to speak the second language because there you can graduate to acareer almost completely dominate this language so that you can open many parts or work opportunities.
Over 400 million people have English as mother tongue. The number increases if we take those countries, keeping the English as a second language.
But the importance of English, are two important nations in the world, who speak and are native speakers. We're talking about England and the UnitedStates. These countries, several years ago, first England and its colonies and the United States, after his speech in the First World War, have imposed the use of English. And is that the two nations in question are true world powers for decades. Not only economically, especially the country of North America (first global economy), but therefore, their cultures have penetrated in differentnations. Similarly, in areas of military, political and scientific, both nations are ahead compared to most countries.
Thus, little by little, English, has become important in the world order.
from the early twentieth century, English, take a leading role in the world. And currently, English is considered the universal or international language. Because of the prominence in the business world, bothfrom England, as the United States.
Whenever you want to make a business with a company in another country, where both languages ​​are different, well, English is the language used, to be understood.
today for access to certain job positions, it is essential to speak English. There are even studies that show that people who speak English, come to win, 30% higher wages than those who do not supportthis.
Just as important, is English. The talk can be the difference between closing or not a business, getting a job or not working and finally, to win better pay than the rest, within the same company. Besides, most of the studies and scientific texts of importance are written in this language. And to talk of computing with all terms and documentation of all electronic devices we use at home.On the other hand, not least, English is very important for computation. today most user applications are available in Spanish, but many sub-applications and lesser known programs are commercially available only in English. In the world of the Internet, the amount of information in English than many times the information available to Spanish speakers. For those entering deeper into the field ofcomputer science and programming, this language is indispensable to fully understand all the commands and jargon in general, the English language is essential.
no longer discussing whether or not it is important to speak English. As it simply takes as a premise. And, organizations and countries that have designed and carried out the process of globalization, have as their mother tongue or workinglanguage, English.
The importance of English in the workplace
Knowledge of English increases the chances of finding a good job faster. This is one of the main findings of Randstad Professionals Randstad prepared by the firm, which has been shown that language is one of the main requirements for companies seeking employees.
Today more than ever it is necessary to learn English, because each dayis used more in almost all areas of knowledge and human development.
According to consulting firm Randstad, 75% of jobs for senior managers require as a prerequisite the knowledge of a second language, usually English.
The study highlights the need to master a second language increases relative to the profile you are looking for, since it is a prerequisite for firms to 58% of the offerings for...
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