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Abortion Benefits Society
Approximately 42 million abortions are performed every year, of which 83% occur in developing countries and 17% in developed countries (Hausknecht). Abortion is not desirable, but the reality shows that it is practiced in big numbers. Abortion is a temporary solution that needs to be substituted in the long term. Pregnancy prevention and education aresolutions to prevent the physical and emotional damage that a woman has after an abortion. For now, abortion needs to be accepted by society in general to reduce the big rates of unsafe illegal abortions that are being practiced every day in the streets. While giving the freedom of choice to teenagers and other women, society receives in return less crime and poverty in the country. Both the individualand the society will benefit.
Abortion is a way to reduce teenage pregnancy which will lead to a decrease in poverty and crime. The statistics show that at least 33% of legal abortions in the USA are on teenagers (15-20) and on women over 35 years old (Joyce). Without abortion being legal these teenagers would have two options either have unsafe illegal abortions or have thebaby. These babies would represent a new problem to society. Kids that are born in poor families are more likely to commit crimes than kids that are born in families with high incomes. Also, most of the teenagers that have abortions are from low income families. A good example is the case of the legalization of abortion in 1973 that accounts for half of the 35% reduction in crime since 1991(Joyce).This has been proved because the group that is more likely to commit crime are the males from 18 to 20 years old and the 1991 (Hausknecht) case don’t seems to be a coincidence. So, if teenagers aren’t able to get safe legal abortions the government now has two big problems to solve besides the controversy if abortion needs to be completely legalized or not.
The option of thesegirls or older women having unsafe illegal abortions cannot be accepted by society. The people currently have unsafe illegal abortions. If abortion becomes illegal the rates of unsafe abortions will increase. This can lead to a bigger problem where society can be truly affected. A good example is the situation in Ethiopia where 55% of the maternal fatality stems are from illegal abortions (Joyce).Believe it or not a lot of people say that America is way different from Ethiopia and this is not going to happen in the USA if abortion is illegalized. The problem is that unsafe illegal abortions are performed everywhere around the globe. Illegal unsafe abortions are the cause of many deaths cause because of the fact that 58 women die each day from trying to end their pregnancies with homemadecures or unsafe abortions in the streets (Joyce).
There are too many reasons to prove that abortion being illegal in specific countries may cause bigger and more damaging problems for the society. These situations are more likely to happen in South America. For example in Brazil where abortion is illegal about 1.5 million abortions occur every year, 250,000 women have to be hospitalized,and many of them die (Joyce). This fact shows the important implication of abortion being illegalized. Brazil is not the only country with this kind of issue because in Chile 37,000 women every year arrive to the hospital after intending abortion with unskilled practitioners because abortion is illegal (Joyce). At least 4 million of abortions take place in Latin America every year, 1.7 million ofthem are practiced illegally (Joyce).
American society should think and use the facts of Latin America as an example of what could happen with abortion being illegalized.
These facts show the possibility that if abortion becomes illegal the death rates are going to increase and a bigger problem is going to be caused by the government. It doesn’t make sense. People in this...
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