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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2010
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What happen with us and the rest of people? Can’t we see our world and analyze what is happening with it? It won’t waste us two seconds to thinkabout it, but it has taken years, decades and centuries, and until now, our world looks same, or worse than before. Why? Why don’t we take conscience and give the first step by ourselves?
Centuriesbefore, life in Earth was pacific, relaxed, we just had a lot of flora and enjoyed of a good environment, we could breath in peace and shared our resources with our human brothers. Evolution says thatnow, human being has developed his brain and his common sense, are you agree with that? Sometimes I think they are wrong, that all of us were more civilized before than now, we took care of our planetand looked for the solution of problems it could reach out.
Our planet has been the principal victim of human activities. Some phenomena have attacked us and made it decayed. But…why doesn’t that careus? Why are more important fashion and money and not our planet? Why developed countries, which have a lot of methods and resources to improve the world, waste their money in trades or businessesthan maybe could fade away in a short time?
The ways that human beings have affected the world are many. We burn forests, contaminating the air and the animals that live in there. We smoke and we workin pollutant factories than affect the ozone layer. We fabricate cars, we use aerosols and any amount of things that not only affect the environment, also animals, plants, rivers and ourselves. Duringall these years of exposure to these substances, planet has developed a series of phenomena that are ending our lives in Earth, for example greenhouse effect, global warming, acid rain, etc.Greenhouse effect is a process by which radiative energy leaving a planetary surface is absorbed by some atmospheric gases, called greenhouse gases. They transfer this energy to other components of the...
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