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  • Publicado : 21 de septiembre de 2010
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Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores Monterrey
Campus Ciudad de México

Lab Practice #2

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Omar Alejandro Alvarado A01330585
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Aurorora Muñoz
Grupo 2

In this world there are lots of different forms of life, from microscopic one-celled organisms tocomplex bigger organisms like humans, these organisms are made up by different things, starting by electrons (negative), protons (positive) and neutrons (neutral) forming atoms which are the most basicelements of all matter, each atom has a different number of electrons, protons and electrons and when a lot of atoms with the same structure are together an element is formed (an element is a puresubstance that can’t be decomposed), and when atoms of the same element with different number of neutrons are together an isotope is formed, various elements together form a compound by different types oflinks between them, and so on life starts as little electrons, protons and neutrons which make up all matter. (Alton Biggs, William G. Holliday, Chris L. Kapicka, Linda Lundgren, Ann Haley MacKenzie,William D. Rogers, Marion B. Sewer, and Dinah Zike. Biología, National Geographic, March 2006, copyright 2007.).
But how do scientists manage to study all of this microscopic matter considering thatatoms are so small that billions of them can be placed in the same space the point of a needle occupies? After many years of development and scientific breakthroughs we now have a very useful toolwhen it comes to understanding all microscopic matter and its composition: the microscope. The microscope is a tool used to look into things in a zoomed in view using special glass or other parts thatamplify our vision. (Considinne, Glenn D. “Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia” Ed. Wiley-Interscience; 9th edition. United States, 2002.)
The microscope has many different parts, between the...
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