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Name: __ Group:
People fly in them.
Keven Cosner, Brad Pitt and Sean Connery are all
When you grow up you are
Acountry that has many kangaroos is
A machine which keeps you cool in summer is
It wakes you up in the morning. It's
The oppositeof dead is
Somewhere to stub your cigar out in is called
A word that means "good looking or pretty"
10.A person who goes to themoon or into outer space is called
A man who isn't married is a
Another word meaning "luggage" is
Someone whose job is to cuthair is called a
Someone without socks or shoes on is
The red liquid in your body is called
If you come from Wales, Scotland,Northern Ireland or England you are
Someone who breaks into houses is a
Something that is fired from a gun is called a
Asmall word that means "next to" is
10.Something that is used to fasten shirts and cuffs is called a
What chocolate drink came fromMexico? It's
Where is the longest wall in the world? It's in
We drink tea and coffee from it an it sits on a saucer. It's a
Kingsand queens live in this building. It's a
The person in charge of a ship is a
Another word for a taxi is a
A bird is sometimeskept in a
The capital city of Egypt is
Something you sit on with four legs, a back and a seat is a
10.The opposite of expensive is
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