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This research is carried out because we identify some needs about define the differences between HIV and AIDS and the implications these bring to Latin American societies.

Theimportance of this project about HIV is not only to explain the implications this illness has in Latin American societies, its more apply the basic knowledge we have about HIV and create conscienceof known that this disease not only affect infected people, it’s a problem of the society in general.

• HIV is a virus that attacks white blood cells called helper T cells (CD4). Thesecells are part of the immune system.
• AIDS is a late stage of HIV infection. It reflects severe damage to the immune system.
AIDS is caused by the destruction of T cells. The destruction iscaused by the HIV virus.
It takes around ten years on average for someone with HIV to develop AIDS. However, this average is based on the person with HIV having a reasonable diet, and someone who ismalnourished may well progress from HIV to AIDS more rapidly.


In Spain the public health responsibility is shared by the Central Government and governments of autonomous communities and cities.They are responsible for epidemiological surveillance, prevention, care and social assistance.

The problem of HIV / AIDS has necessitated the creation of a special structure to the epidemicsituation monitoring and assessment programs.

The National Commission is an administrative unit, the Secretariat, and their work is distributed in the following areas: epidemiology, prevention, care,research and international relations.

HIV infection is a major public health concerns of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy and policy focus is on large areas mentioned

The National AIDS Planis working on various projects for Spanish society in general, not just LGBT

Major campaigns carried out in Spain

1. I am positive and you? "To prevent situations of risk adolescents and...
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