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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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Day of love in England
In Britain as well as celebrating Valentine lovers and sweethearts, they celebrate the unmarried. Tradition says that single women look out the window thing in themorning and the first man to go and see them marry.
Also in parts of England, people bake muffins made with caraway seeds, plums or raisins.
So Valentine's Day is not celebrated the sameeverywhere. So, for example, how the Europeans show their love for their partners? Dawn of unmarried women in Britain is one of the most important sunrises their lives.
But Valentine's Day is not here,but English children also participate in this celebration. Although probably not really understand the meaning of the words whispered in his ear among lovers of 'I love you' because that feelingis not yet born in them yet, also provide, in its way, ways to make this day unforgettable. The Valentine cards and love poems give way to music.
His custom is to sing love songs own specialfor this occasion. In return, the people who have been dedicated these songs, receive gifts of candy or money.
The cuisine is also very present in the day when love comes more than ever to walkthe streets. In parts of England, this magical day, people bake special buns made ​​from caraway seeds, plums or raisins. Meanwhile, the Italians are taken so seriously that Valentine's Dayprepared lavish banquets for the whole family and friends.
In other places like Denmark flowers are more glamorous than ever. And, for this day, it is customary to send pressed white flowerspretending to be 'snowdrops' and delivered to the people nearest and dearest. They are also more sympathetic ways, such as the fact that men send 'funny letters' women without identity signatures toput a point for each letter that bears his name. If the woman in question receiving the letter is right who has been 'your valentine', he rewarded with an Easter egg. Curious love letters ...
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