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A. Circle the best option. Pay attention to the context.

1. Do you turn on your TV to watch the news in themorning?

a) turn off b) pick up c) turn on d) turn in

2. Does your father throw out the garbage every night?

a) turn on b) throw out c) watch outd) pass out

3.Do you clean up your room when it’s all messy?

a) pick up b) turn down c) get out d) clean up

4. Would you please pick up your sisterat eight ?

a) pick up b) hurry up c) pass out d) join in

5. Quiet down! There is a lot of noisy here!

a) hand out b) clean up c) quiet downd) hurry up

Section B. Match with the correct synonym for these phrasal verbs.

1. Hand in __c__ a) make happy

2. Fill out __e__ b) solve

3. Deadline __d__c) turn in

4. Cheer up __a__ d) due to

5. Work out __b__ e) complete


Section C. Identify the correct answer and circle it.

1. Sam, would you please pick me upafter swimming class today?

a. Yes, I would. b. Sure, I can.

2. Would you mind lending me your MP3 player? I’ll give it back to you tomorrow.

a. No, I wouldn’t. b. Yes.

3. Tim, wouldyou drop off these library books for me?

a. Yes, I would. b. No, I can’t.

4. Would you take out the garbage before you leave?

a. Sure, I can. b. Yes, I would

5. Can you lend mesome money? I’ll pay you back next week.

a) yes, I am. b) sorry, I can’t.

Section D. Choose the correct option for the sentences.

1 . Can you turn down the volume?

a) can youb) you can c) please, you can d) can not

2. Could you take out your books?

a) could not you b) you could c) please, you could d) could you.

3. This modal verb is polite and...
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