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Units 7 – 12 (10th level)

Name: ____________________________________________ Date: ___________________

Teacher’s name: ___________________________________ Score: __________________

A. Listening. Where is everyone? Listen to the conversation. Choose the correct answers.

1. Why are there so few people in the office?a. Eddie and Sandy came to work very early.
b. The office has started a new telecommuting program.
c. Workers are unhappy about new office policies.

2. How do Eddie and Sandy feel about the casual workplace policy?

a. Eddie dislikes it, but Sandy likes it.
b. Both Eddie and Sandy dislike it.
c. Sandy dislikes it, but Eddie likes it.

3. In which of the following areas was the bossunfair?

a. In providing new chairs to only some workers.
b. In allowing some workers to telecommute.
c. In instituting a casual workplace policy.

B. Write O if the relative pronoun in each sentence is optional. Write R if it is required.

______ 1. People who are worried about the environment are buying green products.

______ 2. As education costs rise, websites that sell used books arebecoming popular.

______ 3. Banks are offering flexible loans that many students are using to pay for college.

______ 4. Councelors are professionals who many students are relying on nowadays.

C. Circle the expression that best completes each sentence.

1. The secretary’s job is to facilitate/resist changes that others have proposed.
2. I irritate/welcome any changes that yousuggest. My paper needs a lot of work!
3. The older I get, the harder it is to cope with/block changes.

D. Complete the sentences with as if, as though, as, or the way. Sometimes, more then one answer is possible.

1. Amish people live _______________ electricity hasn’t been invented.

2. Chris feels _______________ his dad wants him to make the same choices he did.

3. I love makingcookies _________________ my mom did when I was a kid.

E. Circle the word that best completes each sentence.

1. I love to go window-shopping/have buyer’s remorse at night.
2. Her life was destroyed because she is a compulsive shopper/bargain hunter.
3. To celebrate my birthday, my sister and I had buyer’s remorse/went on a shopping spree.

F. Complete the sentences using the subjunctiveform of the verbs in parentheses.

1. My doctor recommended that I______________ a multivitamin daily. (take)

2. The mayor proposed that all billboards___________ removed from the highway. (be)

3. My husband insists that we only___________ products that are recommended. (buy)

G. Circle the term that best completes each sentence.

1. I tried many product placements / free samplesbefore I chose the perfume.
2. E-mail / Telemarketing is so invasive when people call you at home!
3. I love frequent buyer programs / behavioural targeting because I get free products when I make purchases.

H. Complete the sentences with when, where, whenever or wherever. Use when or when only if necessary.

1. Janice’s dog goes with her ___________ she goes.

2. _________________ mydaughter sees a butterfly. She gets excited.

3. Felix likes to travel to Africa, ____________ there are many exotic animals to watch.

I. Complete the paragraph with whoever and whatever.

People can really be irresponsible with animals. In parks, people feed them (1) ___________ they have, meaning that ducks and other animals often eat sugary doughnuts, greasy potato chips, orother foods that are not necessarily good for them. In the wild (2) ____________ camps and leaves food out often finds that bears and other animals have eaten it in the morning. This is dangerous for (3) _______________ is hiking and camping in these areas, because the wild animals then want (4)___________ humans are eating and wild come close to the campsites to find food. Hungry bears are...
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