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Installation and operating instructions

Weishaupt gas burner WG10.../1-D vers. Z-LN (LowNOx)

83055302 – 1/2004

Conformity Certification to ISO/IEC Guide 22
Manufacturer: Address: Product: Type: Max Weishaupt GmbH Max Weishaupt Straße D-88475 Schwendi Gas burner with fan WG10.../1-D, Variation Z-LN

The products described above conform to Document No.: EN 676 EN 292 EN 50081-1 EN 50 082-1 EN 60 335 In accordance with the guidelines GAD MD PED LVD EED EMC 90/396/EU 98/37/EU 97/23/EU 73/23/EU 92/42/EU 89/336/EU Gas Appliance Directive Machinery Directive Pressure Directive Low Voltage Directive Boiler Efficiency Directive Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

these products are labelled as follows CE-0085BM0481

Schwendi 10.02.2004 ppa. Dr. Lück ppa. DenkingerComprehensive Quality Assurance is ensured by a certified Quality Management System to DIN ISO 9001.

Regular maintenance saves energy and protects the environment
We recommend regular plant maintenance of all combustion equipment. It saves fuel and ensures constantly good combustion results. Excellent combustion quality is a pre-requisite for environmentally friendly operation.

Contents1 2 3 4

General instructions



Safety instructions


Technical description 3.1 Permissible applications 3.2 Function

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Installation 4.1 Safety information on installation 4.2 Delivery, transportation and storage 4.3 Preparation for installation 4.4 Burner installation 4.5 Gas valve train installation 4.6 Soundness test of gas valve train 4.7 Electrical connection10 10 10 10 11 12 14 15

Servicing 7.1 Safety instructions on servicing 7.2 Servicing plan 7.3 Mixing head - removal and refitting 7.4 Mixing head - setting 7.5 Ignition electrode and sensor electrode setting 7.6 Service position of housing cover 7.7 Removing and refitting fan motor and fan wheel 7.8 Removal and refitting of air stepping motor and air damper angle drive 7.9 Removing andrefitting gas butterfly valve 7.10 Removing and refitting air regulator housing 7.11 Removing and refitting coil on multifunction assembly (W-MF...) 7.12 Removing and refitting gas filter on W-MF35 7.13 Changing internal fuse W-FM10

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Commissioning and operation 5.1 Safety instruction on initial commissioning 5.2 Preparations for initial commissioning 5.3Commissioning and setting 5.4 Shut down periods 5.5 Sequence of operation and wiring diagram 5.6 Operating the W-FM 10 16 16 16 18 24 25 27

Technical Data 8.1 Burner equipment 8.2 Capacity graphs 8.3 Permissible fuels 8.4 Electrical data 8.5 Permissible ambient conditions 8.6 Dimensions 8.7 Gas valve train 8.8 Weights

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A 6
Fault conditions and procedures forrectification 28

Appendix Gas throughput calculation Combustion analysis

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1 General information
These installation and operating instructions • are an integral part of the equipment and must be kept permanently on site. • • • are for the use of qualified personnel only. contain the relevant information for the safe assembly, commissioning and servicing of the equipment. are forthe attention of all personnel working with the equipment. Hand-over and operating instructions The contractor is responsible for passing the operating instructions to the plant operator prior to hand-over. He should also inform the plant operator that these instructions should be kept with the heating appliance. The address and telephone number of the nearest service centre should be entered on thereverse of the operating instructions. The plant operator must note that an agent of the contractor or other suitably qualified person must inspect the plant at least once a year. To ensure regular inspections, -weishaupt- recommends a service contract. The contractor should instruct the plant operator in the use of the equipment prior to hand-over and inform him as and when necessary of any...
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