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NAME: : ____________________________________________________ N.L______
INSTRUCTIONS: Undeline the correct answer
Do you play tennis?[pic]
a) Yes, I do. b) Yes, I am.
Does he goto school?[pic]
a)No, he does not. b) No, he don't
Are you a student?[pic]
a) Yes, you are. b) Yes, I am

Do you work?[pic]
a)Yes, I am. b)No, I don't

INSTRUCTIONS: Completethe sentence in negative form. Use isn't, aren't.
I play tennis.
___________________ play tennis.[pic]
He lives in London.
____________________in London.[pic]
You are good._____________________ good.[pic]
She is a teacher.
_____________________ a teacher.[pic]
They live in England.
___________________ in England.[pic]

INSTRUCTIONS: Write de name de parts of body__________________ _________________ ________________

__________________ ______________________

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the text and coloring the clothes according to the appropriateThe friends

They are friends. They go together to school. Anne is blond, she is wearing a yellow dress and the brown shoes. Mike in short, he is very cold, he wearing ablack covering and the blue bonnet. Candy is Japanese, she is wearing a green kimono with red flowers and purple sandals and finally Toms. He´s a wearing a orange shorts, grey shirt andblack shoes.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read and write number in the box to according the animals name.

1. It lives in the desert, in hot conditions but it doesn’t need water.

2. It lives in thesabana, in come in heck. Is very, very big and the characters’ special are you ears.

3 It lives in the house, is the pet favorite for all, it´s big o small, and eat croquettes.

4. Itlive in the zoo, the more famosous is in the Chine, eat fish and fruit, it,s very loving.

5.-It live in the more high of mountain, it is a see excellent. It eat mouse our snakes.
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