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ADVANCED II FINAL EXAM Name: _______________________

Relax! Take a deep breath.

A. Grammar. Correct the following sentences. Each sentence has only one problem.

1. I wonderwhen is her birthday.

2. He has been a professional diver since five years.

3. Cold medicine that can be found in the medicine cabinet.

4. I will call you when I will come backto the city.

5. Beside Margaret, fifteen other people are invited to the party.

6. The food in Tehuacan is very different than the food in Atlanta, Georgia.

7. The more youstudy during the semester, the lesser you have to study at the end of the term.

8. I don’t see how we can do a profit in this market.

9. We expect as much as two thousand apples to comeinto the store today.

10. He had been working on his dissertation but the knock on the door interrupts him.

B. Grammar, Part 2. Complete the following sentences with a preposition and agerund.

1. Henry isn’t interested _______ (to look) _____________ for a new wife.

2. The snow prevented us ________ (to complete) ______________our vacation at the beach.

3.The doctor insisted _______ (to know) _______________everything that had happened to Rebecca’s head.

4. Who is responsible _______ (to take care of) ______________this child?

5.Please forgive me _______ (not/to write) _______________ you for so long.

C. Vocabulary, Part 1. Write sentences with the following words:

1. to shrink:____________________________________________________________



2. overwhelming:____________________________________________________________



3. exceedingly: