Facing facebook

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Since many years ago, communication has been a fundamental part of societies. It is necessary for all human beings to transmit information to the people around them. Throughouthistory, many inventions have been created to facilitate the communication; telegraphs, telephones, television, cell phones, and our current one: internet. Internet is a revolution of information. Inonly seconds, one can find any kind of content no matter the location where she/he or information is. Obviously, internet is a social tool, as well; on it, there are certain websites called “socialnetworks”. Currently, there exist more than 160 of these websites, and the biggest, according to its number of users, is Facebook® which registered 350.000.000 active users worldwide in January of 2010.Now, because of its 70 languages available and just needing an e-mail account for registration, Facebook’s popularity grows everyday apace. However, this social network is also becoming a seriousproblem which needs a better utilization from its users, and it affects as many people as its popularity and success.

First of all, Facebook users have been affected on their academic issues. To createa facebook account it is necessary to be at least 13 years old. Most of the clients of this website are teenagers; adolescents who are in high school or beginning university. A study at theUniversity of Ohio reveals that among 200 students, the ones who admitted to be part of that social network had grades between 3 and 3.5, with 5 as the highest grade; on the other hand, learners who said theydid not use facebook had an average between 3.5 and 5. On facebook students spend a lot of time; the study also shows that facebook users spend between 1 and 5 hours per week to study, and the otherswho do not use it spend around 11 hours per week. The entertainment of seeing pictures, chatting or using applications is so high that students forget their duties. As many websites, by opening link...
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